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Whether it’s a leak or a full-service roofing project, E L A has you covered.

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About E L A Roof Contracting

When it comes to providing quality roofing solutions for Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Family, Federal, State, Local Government, Hospital, Healthcare, K-12, and the Private Sector, we’re at the top of our game.

Our standards may be high, but they’re never out of reach.

E L A Roof Contracting is a full-service Roofing and General Contractor with a reputation that’s built on delivering projects within budget and on time. We believe in climbing the ladder of success together with our partners by minimizing risks, collaborating and coordinating every detail—from start to finish—with dedicated teams of talented, trusted Consultants.

E L A’s Values:

Commitment to Safety

We are committed to excellence in safety, health, and environmental matters with an emphasis on the prevention of incidents, accidents, and injuries. It is our goal to provide an industry-leading safety culture within our organization. Our safety program is designed to meet or exceed all federal, state, and local regulations for the industry. 

Our Licenses

  • ZState of Florida Certified Roofing Contractor CCC-1328564
  • ZState of Florida Certified General Contractor CGC-1508820

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Our team will evaluate your roofing needs to determine the right, most cost-effective solution that can add years to your current roof or simply modernize and replace it with a better, affordable, long-lasting option.